Residential Roof Replacement and Roof Additions – Flat/Shingle

Why buy a new roof when just a few shingles need to be replaced? Re-roofing is budget friendly, giving you a weatherproof roof at a substantially lower cost than an entirely new roof. Our Arlington Roofing team is highly qualified at ensuring the new shingled or flat roof addition flawlessly blends into the existing roof.

We have replaced thousands of addition roofs that have been installed incorrectly by contractors. The two main issues stem from

  1. Incorrect shingle and shingle flashing installation by inexperienced carpenters.
  2. Use of shingles on roofs that have too low a slope for shingle installation.

At Arlington Roofing, our team is fully insured, licensed, and committed to the success of your roofing project. With this commitment in mind, we are proud to offer comprehensive evaluations and consultations that have no obligations attached.

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