Our Process – Your Roofing Project

For almost 25 years, Arlington Roofing has worked with homeowners and commercial businesses in North Virginia specializing in expert roof replacement and repair. We pride ourselves on our expert craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

You will always be greeted by friendly, licensed, and knowledgeable professionals.

Free Consultation
Our free consultations, complete with a property inspection, will ensure that our roofing specialists are fully knowledgeable about you and your roof’s needs.

A detailed report via print and email will provide you with our recommendations for a new roof, repairs or replacements. Our experienced team will take the time to identify all factors of the roof replacement or repair, so you understand the breakdown of services and costs.

Future Planning and Budget Assistance
Our roofing specialists will discuss your budget, eco-friendly options, and roof longevity so all your short and long term goals are met.

Craftsmanship & Professionalism
Quality is a signature of our service. Arlington Roofing employs a team of insured, licensed, and experienced roofing specialists who have been with us for years. We will complete your roofing project with care and professionalism and never have a subcontractor do our work.

Additional Services
Skylights, and maintenance can enhance and maintain the quality of your home..

Our team will do a final walkthrough and assessment of your new roof replacement to answer any final questions, suggest maintenance recommendations, and ensure that the new roof meets our high expectations.

Arlington Roofing offers a complimentary and unprecedented 10-Year Workmanship Warranty that will guarantee all our full roof replacements.

If you are ready to take the first step in securing premium roofing services, then call Arlington Roofing Company, Inc. today at 703-524-3044 or contact our team.

What Should People Know When Looking for a Roof Replacement?
A roof replacement can seem like a daunting project for both businesses and homeowners. As you consider getting a roofing replacement, keep a few things in mind.

Licensed & Insured
Roofing companies must be licensed and insured per state laws and regulations. Licensing means that a company has fulfilled its lawful regulations and completed the minimum requirements for being in the roofing industry. Insurance will protect the company and client in the event of a liability issue, such as accidents or injuries.

By being both licensed and insured, a roofing company establishes its commitment to follow industry regulations, as well as caring for its clients and employees.

Complete Roof Replacement
A complete roof replacement is performed from the gutter line to the peak of the house, offering maximum waterproofing capabilities and longevity. A non-complete replacement is judged substandard and can put the house structure at risk.

Look for a roofing company that will maximize your roof replacement investment with warranties, such as Arlington Roofing’s 10-Year Workmanship Warranty.

Be sure to choose a trusted roofing company with a solid reputation. Confirm that these roofers never use subcontractors and have a history of excellence in commercial, residential, and specialty roofing services.

Arlington Roofing meets and exceeds the above recommendations. If you are ready to take the first step in securing premium roofing services, then call Arlington Roofing Company, Inc. today at 703-524-3044 or contact our team.